[January 2014] New shelter for the computers

  • A new shelter has been built and installed close to the VLF antenna, in order to put the PCs and data logger of the VLF AWDA antenna.
Shelter Shelter


[January 2012] Tests in a quarry

  • A quarry located a few kilometers from the Humain observatory would like to extend, in the direction of the observatory. It could strongly disturb our VLF measurements (as well as other measurements done in Humain). Some tests of electromagnetic perturbations and meteorological disturbances have been decided and are now ongoing near the quarry.
  • The pictures below show the quarry and the tests antennas.
Lhoist Lhoist


[November 2011] Tests in a farm

  • A farm located in the protected area around the Humain observatory would like to extend its size and capacitiy of production and storage of cow milk. In order to check if this extension would disturb our measurements, we have decided to make some tests and verifications. We have done some electromagnetic tests at the farm in Humain, but also in another farm, which has already installed the same material the other farm wants to buy.
  • The pictures below show the tests in both farms.
Test at Farm Test at Farm Test at Farm Test at Farm Test at Farm


[7 April 2011] 1st spectrogram in Humain

  • The first VLF data of Humain were recorded on 7 April 2011 at 17:00 UT.
  • The picture below shows one of the first examples of magnetic field spectrogram recorded at Humain with the VLF antenna built by BIRA-IASB. A whistler is clearly observed on both spectrograms (East-West on bottom panel and North-South on top panel).


[March 2011] Hardware implementation

  • The hardware has been implemented during winter 2010-2011. After some tests, the data acquisition is ready to start !!
VLF Antenna


[12 October 2010] VLF antenna in Humain

  • The VLF antenna has been installed in Humain. It is a magnetic field loop type of antenna with an area of about 50 square meters. The mast is 12 meters high.
  • The primary goal of this antenna is to detect whistlers but since it will be located next to our future VHF interferometer, we will look for conjunctions of VLF emissions and VHF meteor echoes (as was done during dedicated campaigns by Jean-Louis Rault).
  • The pictures below show the two perpendicular loops oriented North-South and East-West, which will allow us to measure both components of the magnetic field (or listen to the VLF emissions in stereo).
VLF antenna VLF antenna


[12 August 2010] Recent news about the AWDA project

  • Tranches have been digged and concrete blocks have been made. At the end of Summer 2010 we will install the VLF antenna. Below are some pictures of the works.
works_humain1 works_humain2 works_humain3



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